Safeway Trip

I had two transactions at Safeway today because I did not grab enough Progresso soups. I misread the coupon. No biggie I went back through and used the express lane for my second trip.
This was also good because I got a bunch of Cats totaling $9.75 so I used them.
While I was waiting in line I realized that stride gum was on sale buy 2 get one free. It ended up being $2.78 for 3 packs. I had coupons for $2 off three packs of gum. That brought the total down to .78 for three packs of gum.
I would not have seen this if I did not wait in line again. Things happen for a reason, and I scored a great deal on gum.

For $51.78 I got all this

I had 3 COAH $10 coupons that really helped my stock back up on the freezer stuff.

My two transactions included

12 packs Stride Gum
20 Progresso Soups
4 cans Pineapple
1 5lb Sugar
5 Birdseye Steamfresh veggies
6 PictSweet Steamables
5 Red Baron 2pack pizzas
4 Pledge Multi Surface Sprays
7 packs Halls cough drops
6 Seattle Times Sunday Preview Papers
1 10lb bag Cat Food
1 Soft Soap Hand Soap

Original Price $204.09
Total Savings/Coupons $152.31
Total OOP $51.78

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