AH HA Moment!

I was so disappointed at my Safeway trip that I tried again.

I went only for things I needed or that were free.

I went to two stores and here is what I came up with:

6 Lipton Pasta Sides .99 ea - .35 Q = .64 ea
2 Suave Shampoo .99 ea - .75 Q = .24 ea
10 Softsoap (for business) .97 - .35 Q = .62 ea
10 Johnson's Buddies .97 ea - $1 Q (for each) = -.03 ea
4 Deodorant 4/$9 - 5 rebate - .75 Q (for each) = .25 ea
2 Band-Aids (for business) 3.29 ea - BOGO - $1 Q (for each) = .65 ea
6 Excedrin 100 count (for business) 9.99 ea - BOGO - $2 Q (for each) - $10 MIR = $1.33 ea

Total Spent 

Business 15.50
Personal 4.38

Total Saved with Q's and Rebates = 70.36

Not too bad.

While I was figuring out how much I saved I had an AH-HA Moment. I know that using Q's for personal saves money out of my pocket. It helps me stay on my budget better. Here's what I just realized. By cutting Q's for business items I save money on my business expenses. By saving money there it will trickle down and mean more money for my pocket eventually.

I can not believe I have been using Q's for personal and been so successful but never used them for business. I am self-employed so as hard as I work directly relates to what I make. I can not believe I have not used Q's earlier. DUH… Oh well, starting now is better than not starting at all.

Coffee at Home

I was wanting my favorite cup of gourmet coffee today from S**. However at the same time I was feeling so good about eating at home and saving money that I did not want that same cup I was craving.

I needed to convince myself that coffee at home was great and I would survive.
I always find it easier to stay home when I compare the price of home vs. S**. Same goes with fast food, clothes shopping, Sunday drives (gasoline) etc.

If I buy all my coffee ingredients at full retail at an expensive grocery store (the closest to my house, only 10 miles away) this is what I come up with:

Folgers Coffee 35oz size = 8.99
1/2 and 1/2 One Quart = 1.99
1 lb Sugar = .50

The coffee lasts 3 weeks, the cream 1 week, and the sugar 1 month.

Daily cost is:
8.99/21 = .42
1.99/7 = .28
.50/30 = .02

Total for one pot of coffee (generally 6-8 cups) enough to have a couple cups a piece = .72

72 cents for one days coffee for 2 people. Not to shabby!

So how much for a month of coffee at home? .72 x 30 = $21.60

When we go to S** for our favorite cups of gourmet coffee it comes out to about 12 dollars a trip!

With only two trips for coffee out we have spent more than a whole months worth of coffee at home.

All of the sudden coffee from home tastes so much better!

(NOTE: We have been S** free since 02/04/09)

Dinner Last Night and Todays Lunch

Last Night I made Taco Tot Casserole.

It was alright, not my best version of it though

I was out of evaporated milk and substituted a smaller amount of regular milk and that just made it soupy. Oh well, still it had good flavors.

1. Bake Tater Tots

2. Brown ground beef and add taco seasoning

3. Mix 1 can evaporated milk and 1 can cheddar cheese soup

4. Add 1/2 bag frozen corn to soup mix

5. Add ground beef and mix well

6. Pour into casserole dish and top with tots

7. Bake @ 350 for 30 minutes

8. Top with grated cheese and bake until cheese is melted.

So it came out slightly disappointing like I mentioned earlier, but I made extra ground beef for tacos for lunch.

Today's lunch

Tacos with tomatoes, lettuce, bell peppers, sour cream, cheddar cheese and green chili salsa.

They were really good.

No complaints and no leftovers either. Yum!

Safeway Shopping Trip

2 green bell peppers (organic were way better quality for only .20 cents more each so thats what I got)

4 roma tomatoes

2 red onions

1 bag shred lettuce

1 lg lucerne cottage cheese

1 lg buddig lunch meat

2 loaves store brand whole wheat bread

1 lg folgers coffee

1 quart 1/2 and 1/2

1/3 lb roast beef 

Total 33.xx Amount saved 2.42

I almost freaked I never only save 2.42

Oh well that is all we need for the week.

$34 for all at home meals and not eating out. I can deal for this week.

Disappointing news....because of Presidents Day tomorrow there were no newspaper coupons today.