Houshold Notebook Update

I added a To Do list to my notebook.
A weekly schedule of sorts.

I made a list of things I need to do every day i.e. cook dinner, clean out sink/do dishes, and things I need to do a few times a week i.e. work for the business, vacuum/sweep, clean bathroom, and things I need to do once a week i.e. meal plan, grocery shop, go to library/bank/post office.

There were 26 different items on my list. I labeled them A, B, C, D, ... all the way down. Then I decided which day I would do them on. Now I have different letters of things that need to be done all week long. It was put into effect almost a month ago and I am happy to report that it is working splendidly. It has really helped me focus on what needs to get done. Also then I know when I am going to do what ever is on my list. I know now that on Sundays I am going grocery shopping and I am cleaning out my cars on Saturday. It is nice to finally have it laid out.

I have been using a little $5 white board from office depot that I got on sale with a gift card. I am using it to create shopping lists, meal plans and to write down my to do's for the day. Then once they are done they are super easy to erase and start over for the next day.

Also I have given myself incentives. If I do everything on my list everyday for the whole month then I get to go buy something I have been wanting. ($10 or less) I am super motivated to make this work because there is actually something in it for me. Not just a present for myself but peace of mind that I have gotten everything done that needed to be done and nothing was forgotten.

I am happy that the work put into the notebook is paying off. My life is smoother already!


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