AH HA Moment!

I was so disappointed at my Safeway trip that I tried again.

I went only for things I needed or that were free.

I went to two stores and here is what I came up with:

6 Lipton Pasta Sides .99 ea - .35 Q = .64 ea
2 Suave Shampoo .99 ea - .75 Q = .24 ea
10 Softsoap (for business) .97 - .35 Q = .62 ea
10 Johnson's Buddies .97 ea - $1 Q (for each) = -.03 ea
4 Deodorant 4/$9 - 5 rebate - .75 Q (for each) = .25 ea
2 Band-Aids (for business) 3.29 ea - BOGO - $1 Q (for each) = .65 ea
6 Excedrin 100 count (for business) 9.99 ea - BOGO - $2 Q (for each) - $10 MIR = $1.33 ea

Total Spent 

Business 15.50
Personal 4.38

Total Saved with Q's and Rebates = 70.36

Not too bad.

While I was figuring out how much I saved I had an AH-HA Moment. I know that using Q's for personal saves money out of my pocket. It helps me stay on my budget better. Here's what I just realized. By cutting Q's for business items I save money on my business expenses. By saving money there it will trickle down and mean more money for my pocket eventually.

I can not believe I have been using Q's for personal and been so successful but never used them for business. I am self-employed so as hard as I work directly relates to what I make. I can not believe I have not used Q's earlier. DUH… Oh well, starting now is better than not starting at all.


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