Coffee at Home

I was wanting my favorite cup of gourmet coffee today from S**. However at the same time I was feeling so good about eating at home and saving money that I did not want that same cup I was craving.

I needed to convince myself that coffee at home was great and I would survive.
I always find it easier to stay home when I compare the price of home vs. S**. Same goes with fast food, clothes shopping, Sunday drives (gasoline) etc.

If I buy all my coffee ingredients at full retail at an expensive grocery store (the closest to my house, only 10 miles away) this is what I come up with:

Folgers Coffee 35oz size = 8.99
1/2 and 1/2 One Quart = 1.99
1 lb Sugar = .50

The coffee lasts 3 weeks, the cream 1 week, and the sugar 1 month.

Daily cost is:
8.99/21 = .42
1.99/7 = .28
.50/30 = .02

Total for one pot of coffee (generally 6-8 cups) enough to have a couple cups a piece = .72

72 cents for one days coffee for 2 people. Not to shabby!

So how much for a month of coffee at home? .72 x 30 = $21.60

When we go to S** for our favorite cups of gourmet coffee it comes out to about 12 dollars a trip!

With only two trips for coffee out we have spent more than a whole months worth of coffee at home.

All of the sudden coffee from home tastes so much better!

(NOTE: We have been S** free since 02/04/09)


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