Girl Scout Cookies

This is my favorite time of year. I just love girl scout cookies. 

I plan in my budget for a few boxes and I try to hide them so that they last longer. Too bad my hiding spots aren't so good. Oh well. 

These are our new favorite flavor. Samoas. When I was little I used to not like coconut at all. It is still not a huge favorite of mine, but...I live it on these cookies. They are caramelly, chocolatey, and coconutty. They are so good.

I also love to support the girl scouts. This money they raise helps them for their trips and projects throughout the year. This year not too far from my house there were people ripping off the girl scouts. They were spending counterfeit twenty dollar bills with them. How sad... These young girls did not know any better. I feel terrible for them. So, I went and bought more cookies, and donated money to the cause. 

A week or so later they had caught up with some of the crooks and they are now in jail, this still does not excuse the crime. I hope that all this gets taken care of and that the troops affected get there money back. Money is not everything, but it helps the girls to be able to afford to do fun outings.


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