I could not believe it. I live in the land of no doubles and as I was going trough my paper last week I noticed "doubles up to $2" I froze, there is no way…. I had to check it out.

I went once and I bought over 50 dollars worth of product for 18.87. I know I should have aimed for a lower end number but as part of the almost 19 dollars I got 3 pounds worth of coffee, and a new coupon notebook. The coffee is great because it was normally 11 dollars for all of it and I scored it for $4.50. The notebook was not on sale but was totally cute and I like it. It was $4.99.

Other things I snagged were
Halls Cough Drops 3 bags--FREE
Reach Toothbrush 3--FREE
Smartwater 4 bottles--FREE
Compleats Meals 4--- .50 each
Lysol Disinfectant Spray 1---FREE
Sobe Lifewater 3 bottles-- .47 each (they should have been free but oh well)
I was so exhausted at this point I was ok with it. That and I did not
Notice until I was in the car.
Bayer Aspirin 1 bottle-- FREE
Betty Crocker Cookie Mix 4 bags--.87 each

Not too bad. I was pretty happy with it all. Now I can make cookies the lazy way. After all this double coupon shopping I am tired but cookies do sound good.

I am not used to this double coupon deal, I have heard through the grapevine that it might be continuing once a month. I will have to keep my eyes out. I did not make it to K-mart till Friday. Next time I will start earlier in the week. For heck sake, it is only 3 minutes from my work. With a little more planning there will be A LOT more savings next time.


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