Homemade Goodness

One of my favorite weekend breakfast is biscuits and gravy. It is so easy to make and is a yummy filling breakfast/brunch item here. 

Some weekends I go all out and roll out the biscuits and cut them, sometimes I used the canned ones (bought on sale for less that 35 cents a pack) and sometimes I just make drop biscuits. That’s what I did this weekend. They were yummy.

One thing we do not cut corners on is meat. We purchase it from a butcher who is about 5 miles away from our home. In the country that translates to "Really Really Close." Their beef is grass fed, their chickens are free range, everything about it screams fresh. We spend about 40 dollars a month on meat. That includes 2 pounds of ground pork sausage, 6 pounds of ground beef, 1 whole chicken, bacon or chorizo, ham bones, and a couple other things. I think it is well worth the money to have this meat for us. The quality is wonderful and the taste is to die for.

Anyways I use 1/2 a pound of ground pork in my gravy. I brown it and add red pepper flakes and fresh ground black pepper, and then take it out of the pan. I leave the drippings in there for my gravy. I add flour and milk and as soon as it thickens I add the sausage back in. By the time the gravy is all thickened my biscuits are done. Depending who all is home I might make eggs too, you never know round here. This breakfast is easy, I always have the ingredients on hand, it only takes 3 pots/pans, and it is ready in 30 minutes. What's not to love.


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