Because I was gone from this whole couponing thing for so long I feel completely out of place. I have all EXPIRED coupons and am out of the sale loop. I did get 4 papers on Sunday so that is a start. I decided that since I am basically starting over I am going to challenge myself.

I have a lot of friends who e-mail companies letting them know how much they like their product. Sometimes they ask for coupons, sometimes they ask where they can find coupons, and sometimes it is just a simple hello and thank you letter. However they do it, the companies seem to love it and send them coupons all the time.

I decided maybe this would be a good way for me to try to accumulate some non insert coupons again. It will get me started. I am starting October 1st and going for the whole month. I am going to see how many companies I can contact, and keep a running list of them. I will update the list occasionally when I receive feedback from them and will keep it posted here.

I am actually quite excited about this. It is something I can do on my own, I do not need to stress myself out trying to figure out scenarios yet and I can pace myself however I want.

(Did I mention my summer work is not quite over and it will be wrapping up next week. Then comes all the logistical paperwork and taxes but not nearly as exhausting of work as the summer months.)


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