I'm Back

After a long summer away I have returned. It seems I am too busy to do anything besides work during the summer.

I have to say it was nice to have started a stockpile before the summer so that we had food around the house. I hate fast food meals. This time of year about the only thing that sounds palatable is teriyaki, and even that is getting old.

I am back to looking around for great deals. I am also "Fall Cleaning" my house. Yesterday I packed up a box of books and other extra miscellaneous stuff. It feels good to start to purge the things that I do not want.

I think that I am going to start putting all my boxes of "throw out" stuff into my storage building outside. I have to talk to my cousin because she is going to have a yard sale and maybe she can take it. I do not want anything for it, but if it can make her a few extra bucks then- right on!

My goals for this season are to deep clean my house, get all my work papers organized, finish my taxes on time, eat all my food from my stockpile that is close to date (no more waste!), and continue to be smart with my money. I will stay updated here. I am hoping to continue to check in here regularly until next april/may, and then take another extended vacation from the computer.


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