Pantry Meal - Tacos

Here is my uninspired ...what to have for dinner.....meal from last night.

It all started when I was too tired to cook.
I am a self proclaimed NO MEAL PLANNER.
I do not write out my meal plans on Monday or whenever for the week. It just does not seem to work for me. It works for almost everyone I know, but I just can't do it.

So back to dinner. I was tired and hungry and did not want to go shopping for the week yet.
I went to the pantry and spotted a can of refried beans, a box of Spanish rice mix, and a can of diced tomatoes with jalapeƱos.

Next stop, the fridge....
We had shredded cheese and tortillas plus a little iceberg lettuce from the night before.

Heres what I did.
Start the Spanish rice
Spread the refried beans tortillas
Cover the beans with shredded cheese
Stick the tortillas in the broiler for a couple of minutes
Once all of the cheese was melted and the rice was done I assembled the rest
Put a generous scoop of rice in the middle of the tortilla and add some lettuce
Roll it like a taco and enjoy.

This meal took less then 20 minutes and only dirtied up one pot.
It was quite tasty and we just might be having it again some night.


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