Freezer Burritos

Since I am going out of town next week I am trying to make up some easy to heat food. We love burritos here so I had been reading you can make these and freeze them individually.

I decided I would give it a go. We had some leftover rice from the other night. I had grated a blend of three cheeses and we had many cooked pinto beans from a pressure cooker experiment I did the other day. I whipped up a bunch of taco meat and started assembling.

Heres what I used:
12 tortillas
4 cups beans
2 cups rice
2 cups ground beef
2 cups cheese

I quickly heated the tortillas and then put down the beans. I sprinkled on some rice and cheese and added the meat. I rolled so both ends were closed. I put them on a baking sheet and froze them individually. Then I filled a freezer ziploc with them. When you are hungry just pull out one or two and microwave or throw in the oven for a bit. You have lunch or dinner without messing up a bunch of dishes. Yay!!!


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