My First Real Meal Plan

I am trying to meal plan. I have read well over 100 different ways of doing this sucessfully. Did I follow any of them? No. I am trying what works for me.

I looked through my fridge and based my meals on what we like as well as what we have around home. I did not put them on certain days as I change my mind depending on my mood. I made it for 5 days because I am going out of town on Friday. I am doing some prep today to make it easier throughout the week. I will see how it goes. Hopefully well because in the long run I think it will make my life easier.

Here is the plan

Broccoli Cheddar Soup
Chicken and Green Curry
Mini Hamburgers

I also want to make a batch of mozzarella and some more sourdough starter. I want to make a batch of freezer burritos and pack up the turkey stock I have last week and label it and freeze it.

Todays plan- brown ground beef and season some for tacos and some for spaghetti. Make Chicken Broccoli Soup for dinner, bake cornbread muffins, and roll up burritos.


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