Household Notebook......... Well, Kinda

I needed to collect all my thoughts and small scraps of paper in one spot.
I have read everywhere that you should have a household notebook for all the important things including kids info and emergency numbers. That sounds wonderful but as I was getting things together I realized it was more important for me to start out with a notebook for me. An advanced journal to hold all the things I have been working on. A place to write down my feelings, a place to keep notes, a place for my lists. I have used a spiral notebook for all this but finding things in it seem impossible so, I made a 3-ring notebook. I put dividers inside and I filed all of my spiral notebook. I have had it for almost 10 days now and I am lovin' in!

My sections for now are
Food/Meal Plan
Business (I am self employed)
Bible Reading
Personal Finanace
Master List
Our Farm (our quest to become self sustainable)
3 month plan (more self-sufficiency)
Other Stuff

I love it so far. It is not to advanced but yet advanced enough. I am hoping to have it grow and someday do something great with it. For now it is creating sanity in my life.


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