Albertsons 10/17/09

So I went to Albertsons the other day and did my transactions I listed earlier on this week. It was very successful and the cashier was super nice. I had two transactions and the cat's did not print so she just credited them for me.

I decided to try my luck and go again Saturday because I had such good luck earlier. I made up my list. Got my coupons together and had stuff for two transactions again.
Well, I did not read the ad well enough and thought that the fiber one cereal was on sale. I was wrong. I had to do some quick adjustments in my head and amazingly it worked. My oop on one transaction was just a few cents higher than I had planned but not to shabby for me.

I am trying to stay under $40 a week for our grocery and hba stuff and I think that is totally attainable. The reason I say $40 is because it is well within budget. I will be able to get whatever we need with it and I will still have a little money to start my stockpile again.


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