This is my first Walgreens trip in a long, long time. I have not gone because it is so far from home and I could not seem to get it right before.

Well this time it went great. I went to 2 stores. I did 7 transactions total and had $26 in Register Rewards left. I spent about $26 so I am pleased.

One reason I spent that is I grabbed the wrong razor on my trip and no RR spit out. I realized what I had done and it was too late to use it on this shopping day. I am holding it for next time. If that is my only snag on my first Wags trip I am pleased.

Here is what I got
9 theraflu
4 Fusion Razors
4 Baby Powders
2 Oral-B toothbrushes
3 bags of skittles
2 packs of seeds
3 dawn dish soaps
3 dentek dental floss

They were out of Trident layers so I missed out on this deal. Oh well.


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