Blackberry Freezer Jam

This summer I spent some time picking blackberries. I froze them because I was too busy to do anything with them.

Last night I was bored and the kitchen was clean and the dishwasher was just a few dishes away from needing to be ran. I looked in my freezer and decided it was time to make some jam.

It took less than 30 minutes from beginning to end. All you do is use one packet of freezer jam pectin, some sugar and some smashed blackberries. I was not patient enough to smash the blackberries, so I put them in my blender. Worked like a charm. Our jam is very smooth with the occasional seed.

I used about 8 cups of blackberries and came up with 9 8oz jars. I am not unhappy with that. I figured with the pectin and sugar the whole project cost only $2.

After I cleaned up I had just enough dishes to finish off the dishwasher. I started it & put my jam in the fridge. I was glad it was such an easy success.


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