Holy Moly Thats Too Much Yogurt!!!

What to do.....

I have 24 cups of Strawberry Yo-Plus Yogurt with expiration dates all around 11/11.
I need to think of some way to eat this yogurt because truthfully no one here likes yogurt, and I am not a super huge fan myself.
Well, as I was looking through my shelves it came to me. Granola and Yogurt. Delish!
So I looked through my pantry and found no granola. I did find some other crunchy cereal that would work.
I mixed 1/2 yogurt and 1/2 dry cereal and it tasted wonderful. I am glad I thought of something because really I would hate to look at all this yogurt going to waste.


I don't know if you do much baking but I have used yogurt in quickbreads and muffins and it gives it a really nice texture. :)


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