Finally Rollin'

I have never been able to comprehend Walgreens and the way that Register Rewards work. I was browsing around online and lots of people said that this week was a slow one for Wags. Perfect for me to start learning.

Heres how it went.
I did 17 transactions at 5 Walgreens.
I started with 0 RR and ended with $19 RR
I spent $23 OOP (I bought $17.50 worth of soda for someone else so really my OOP was $6)
I saved $161

I am actually very happy with how it went. By starting on a week that professional Wag shoppers though was slow was good for me because it meant that the shelves were not cleaned out. I had fun. I did not make too many major mistakes.

I have $19 in RR to spend in the next two weeks. I guess I better start planning now.


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