Keep Cooking.....

I am always running into this problem in my kitchen…

Every time I make a recipe it turns out different.

Here is a wonderful excerpt from my favortie cookbook More-With-Less:
“Recipes are not sacred canon. They exist only to lure us into the kitchen. The real recipe writing begins when I check what is in our own cupboards, how much time I have, what we are prepared to spend, what we feel is responsible, and what we like. Substituting what I have on hand for a missing ingredient not only is more economical, but far more creative then running to the store. Great recipes are born this way.” Doris Janzen Longacre (1976)

This is so true and should be followed by everyone. Not always do you need to follow a recipe to a tee. When I am baking I find it more important to follow exactly, but when I am cooking every day, I let my pantry be my inspiration. Cooking should be fun. It should not be stressful. Have you ever noticed that when you cook and are angry the food is never as wonderful as when you are relaxed and calm. If you are ever out of an ingredient think about what you do have that you can use that will taste just as good. Do not worry about it and give up just because you do not have shallots (for example). Just pull out an onion and use some instead. If you do not have fresh garlic used powdered. If you have no garam masala use a blend of spices in its place. There are many uncommon ingredients that we just do not carry. I use my own ideas to create substitutions, or if I am really stumped I go online and do a basic search. I find so many handy things like how to make buttermilk when you have none, or what to use in place of an egg when you are out.

Keep an open mind and do not be overly ambitious when starting out in the kitchen and you will find that it becomes easier and easier. After a few substitutions and mix ups you will be a natural. After much more time you will wonder why it is not second nature to everyone. And whatever you do, do not stop cooking!


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