Safeway Buy 4 Get $4 off

Last night I was reading all about how people saved money at Safeway this week. Everyone was able to get fruit snacks and cereal for cheap or FREE!!

It got me all excited and I had to try.
Heres how I did:
9 Honey Nut Cheerios (1.50 ea)
2 Life (1.00 ea)
2 Cinnamon Toast Crunch (1.00 ea)
1 Instant Oatmeal (1.50)
6 Fruit Snacks (1.00 ea)
6 Fruit Rolls (1.00 ea)
2 Fruit Stickers (1.00 ea)
1 64oz Half and Half ($3.49)
1 32oz CoffeeMate ($3.79)

Total Before Sales and Coupons $96.70
Total of Coupons and Cats used $80.22
Total After Sales and Coupons (OOP) $16.48
Total Percentage Saved 82.9%

Sounds like a success to me. 2 things I would like to note about this trip. 1-I stuck to my list (no straying at all!!!) 2-We needed CoffeeMate and Half and Half (without it we would have spent only $9.20 and Saved 89.7%)
I have not posted many of my trips this month because we were moving and things were hectic. I set our budget for $200 for this month. Even with all the eating out we did during the move we still came in under $200.

If you would like to see how others did shopping this week click here or here.


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