Not So Great....But not too bad either

This week I went to Walmart for a quick trip of "staples" shopping.
Nothing exciting and no coupons either. Just basics.

1/2 & 1/2 - $1.38
Creamer - $2.48
12pk Rolls - $1.50
2 Loaves Bread - $1.88ea
2 4pk Toilet Paper - $1.26ea
2 Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sausage $2.68ea
1 Yellow Onion .50

I spent around $20 for this week and will not need to go back to the stores until this weekend. Thats pretty exciting for me. Now if only next week can be as good.
I am finally done moving (not yet unpacked, but moved) maybe I will be able to focus on some coupons next week as well.


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