New Years & Grocery Shopping

I am going to try much harder to shop wisely this year. Not only am I going to pay more attention to prices, I am going to buy more simple ingredients and cook much more from scratch. I find that it is going to be much healthier for us as I can see exactly what every meal is made up of. I know I will keep on hand many convenience items such as: scalloped potatoes, stove top stuffing, hamburger helper, rice o roni, but I will use these only very occasionally as a way to stop us from eating fast food. They will be there for nights that we are super starving or just way too tired to cook.

I am determined to become a more creative cook and be able to come up with meals we love. I am going to create meals that we are able to freeze and just pull out and bake. My life in the kitchen will be simpler over time once I come up with a menu standard, but until them I am super determined not to give up. I am doing this for my family, our budget, our waistlines, and our happiness. I plan on posting more successes along the way, and also disappointments when they occur.

This weeks shopping list

Milk (Gallon) $1.99
Bread $1.79
Cheese 2lbs $5.99
Canned mushrooms .99 (x3)
Lunch meat $4.99 (B1G1 Oscar Meyer 16oz)
Cucumber .59
Bell pepper $1.50
Half and Half 1 Qt $1.99
Coffee-mate 1 Qt $3.29
Canned Chili Beans .80 (x2)
Canned Kidney Beans .80
Gallon Water .95 (x3)
Total Spent $31.01

I was amazed. I stuck to everything on my list. I did not buy extra, and I have a meal plan for this week. I hope that I can keep this up.


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